services & pricing



Surprise, surprise....YES, embroidery is my MAIN service!
 *When you purchase items directly from Bird's Eye (see our catalog), the embroidery charge is in addition to the listed item price: 

  • All items: $8 minimum per item

*When you bring in your own items, pricing is based on quantity of items and design stitch count: 

  • 1-3 items: $10 minimum
  • 4+ items: $8 minimum



That's a fancy word for setting up a logo.  All I need is some sort of digital file of your logo to transform it into a B-E-A-utiful embroidery file.
The best file types are below in order:      

  1. eps.
  2. png.
  3. jpeg.
  4. pdf.

Logo digitizing is a One Time Fee:

  • $35 per logo